Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahlrohre e. V. in Düsseldorf


The initiative „CARBON REDUCED TUBES & PIPES – Towards CO2 -neutral steel tubes“ of the Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahlrohre e.V. (German Steel Tube Association / WVSR) and their members.

The initiative „CARBON REDUCED TUBES & PIPES – Towards CO2-neutral steel tubes“ is an impulse of the Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahlrohre e.V.. The initiative aims to use synergy effects with the participants involved in order to jointly initiate and implement the “path towards CO2-neutral steel tubes”.

Within the initiative, we want to use synergies for determining the status quo of the climate impacts of our products and processes, identify hotspots and take initial measures to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions we generate. Through annual status reports on the activities of the participants, we ensure the steady progress of our project. The Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahlrohre e. V. is the sponsor of the initiative and coordinates the common path.

Next steps towards CO2-neutral steel tube

Our participants