Global steel tube production was 167 million tons in 2017, one of the strongest year for the steel tube industry since ever. The all time high in steel tube production was recorded in 2015 with 169 million tons. Nearly all regions in the world reported higher production levels than last year. China produced 94 million tons of steel tubes and remained the biggest steel tube producer in the world. EC steel tube industry expanded production to 14 million tons, achieving a market share of 8 %. German steel tube production increased to more than three million tons, mainly due to a strong linepipe production and a recovery of the market for seamless tubes.

Worldwide, especially production of seamless steel tubes recovered clearly. Strong movements were reported in the USA. 




After the recovery of main markets, prospects for the steel tube industry are stable. Demand from the the energy industry should remain high. Steel tube industry furtheron will take benefit of robust economies in developed countries, driven by relatively low energy prices, an expansionary fiscal policy and a favourable euro-dollar ratio. Trade policy issues could harm the industry.