Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahlrohre e.V. was created January 1st 2009 following a merger of former Fachvereinigung Präzisionsrohrwerke e.V. (representing the interests of manufacturers of cold drawn tubes) and former Stahlrohrverband e.V. (representing mainly the interests of seamless hot finished pipe and some welded pipe producers). At the same time some members of former Verband der freien Rohrwerke e.V., an association of welded pipe producers without integrated steel base, decided to join Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahlrohre e.V.

Already back in 1995 Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahlrohre was created as a kind of "holding" of the then three independent German steel tube associations based in Düsseldorf. Its main purpose was the combined representation of the three associations interests in common subjects, especially in trade related political questions. Until the end of 2008 however the three associations stayed legally independent.

The legend of the three associations partly is going back very far. For example Fachvereinigung Präzisionsrohrwerke e.V. celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2007.